Elderberry – A Fall Ally

The school year started out rough… and I have to admit I was not ready.

I had gotten complacent, and maybe even started to take for granted, that our son’s health rarely veered off course.

If he did get sick, he seemed to be able to fight it off quickly. His overall healthy diet, paired with an every day routine of MegaFood Kid’s multivitamin and probiotic had been a winning formula for so many years – and honestly still is – yet we definitely hit some speed bumps at the start of this school year.  

Within a week, our son had a pretty bad cold, accompanied by a cough. He needed to take a sick day in the second week of the new school year and spent most of a weekend recovering. Then, just when we thought we were in the clear, the following week our mighty boy had a gastrointestinal bug and had to leave school early one day. This was truly unusual for him. 

Like moms tend to do, I blamed myself. I had missed starting off the year for our son with a fall ally – a beloved plant in our family – Elderberry. Those first warm days of the school that still felt like summer, and even the weekend visits to the still open swimming pool had lured me into believing that we would all continue in the perpetual good health of summer days. But it was time to take action and reach for a favorite herb. Elderberries are the purple fruit from the well known flowering plant, Sambucus nigra. This remedy, often in the form of a syrup has been used for years, especially in Europe, to promote seasonal wellness. Our family loves Elderberry syrup and now it has found its rightful spot back in our home for the fall and winter seasons.